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How many dangerous supplements, diets, and invasive procedures have you tried to get control of your weight? Are these attempts taking a sizable emotional and physical toll? Are you at your wit's end? Friend put your despair to rest. You're prayers are about to be answered. I'm about to introduce you to a REVOLUTION IN EXPEDITED FAT BURNING, a system that has helped many reverse the effects of long-term obesity in months.

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My name is Johan Calitz and, before I continue, let's not sugar coat anything. Let's talk about the name of this website – FAT BUTT. The URL jumps out at you, doesn't it? That was by design. It's not meant to make anyone feel bad about themselves or less than in any way. I wanted it to get your attention. And I wanted it to be a point of trust. Everything about the website, this mission, is personal. That's why the name is the name.

Most people struggle with weight at some point in their lives. Usually, it doesn't get out of hand. Maybe that's the case for you. Perhaps you have hit the weight loss wall and can't seem to get rid of those 10 to 15 LBS around your waistline or sagging from your belly. If that's the case, this FAT ERADICATOR is just what you've been looking for to make your pants fit perfectly. Overall, you should consider yourself lucky. You likely didn't endure years of torment and bullying from outsiders.

For folks who have struggled with obesity, the depression goes way beyond not fitting into a pair of jeans. There is a physical and emotional heaviness that permeates every part of life. For some people, one area of the body becomes the obvious focal point, the object of internal and external ridicule and scorn. One of those people was my best friend. For him, that problem area was his backside.

His body shape was irregular. At his largest, if you saw him from the chest up, you would probably be confused by the obese label. Yes, he looked bigger but in an NFL lineman sort of way, not in a profoundly unhealthy way. Lower your gaze and that hypothesis would change.

His waist and butt were grotesquely big. It was as if every bad food choice he ever made was stored directly in those sections of his frame. The strain on his knees and feet was enormous. He could hardly stand, even with a cane or walker. And yet, for some reason, his mobility challenges weren't enough to get him to change his life.

It wasn't until a recent Thanksgiving holiday when the humiliation became too much to bear. His family lived across the country. He had spent years in isolation from them as if hiding from them would keep him safe from facing hard realities. On this occasion, they weren't taking no for an answer and insisted he come for the holiday. This would require flying. He was terrified. And with good reason.

I drove him to the airport. When he got there, the airline staff informed him that due to flight regulations, he would have to buy an additional seat because of his size. My heart sank from him. This was incredibly embarrassing. How had he allowed his life to spiral this much out of control? To make matters worse, the extra ticket would be insanely expensive because it was last minute for a holiday. He couldn't do it. He couldn't afford it and I couldn't stand watching him go through this painful process. This was rock bottom – for both of us!

And then something MIRACULOUS happened! A kind stranger who had been watching these events unfold took me aside. I didn't want to leave my friend but I sensed he wanted to have a minute alone. The stranger and I sat outside on an Arrivals area bench. She asked me if she could help me find relief for my friend. I nodded my head. That's when she shared her experience and how she found herself through the obesity darkness thanks to THIS BREAKTHROUGH WEIGHT LOSS TREATMENT! She was certain it would work for my friend. I was skeptical but desperate. 

Friend, a year later I drove him to the airport. This time, he made it home for Thanksgiving LEANER, FITTER, AND MORE EMOTIONALLY STABLE than at any point in his life. I cried tears of joy for him that day. I want you to know this feeling. Let me show you the way!

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Whether you have unique weight struggles or an overall body mass problem, the answer is not working out to excess or obsessively counting calories. My friend's food habits have not dramatically shifted. So, what's changed? He has learned by way of this UNMATCHED FAT ANNIHILATION SYSTEM that there is a "nutritional" ingredient in most foods and drinks that is manipulating your metabolism and endocrine system keeping you dependent on it for energy and sustenance. When you discover what it is, it will take you a few minutes to pull yourself off the floor from the shock. But this knowledge will SUPERCHARGE WEIGHT LOSS and ensure that you break that dependency chain for good!  

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How many "healthy" foods and medical procedures swear they can cure obesity? Do you want to have a doctor fiddle with your vital organs on the off chance that surgery might help you? Might? I'm not judging you. I'm trying to get you to see there is a better way. A safer way. A proven way to lose weight FAST, SAFELY AND INEXPENSIVELY! You can do this!

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